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Title: Lie About Her Eyes

Author: skeletn

Pairing: Tommy/Female OC

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 604

Disclaimer: Completely untrue.

Summary: They're together, finding their happily ever after.

Warnings: Straight oral sex ._. Amazing, I know.

A/N: PWP, and written for glittery_nicole  because she was demanding Nicommy. And let me add, it's my first time writing anything with a rating harder than R so I'm kinda self-concious about this. If I had it my way, no one would ever read it, actually. >.> <.< But. I love Nikki and this is a belated Christmas/birthday/New Years gift. :) <3 Hope y'all like it!


Tommy smiled down at her...Collapse )


18th-Dec-2010 06:59 pm - Freezing
Title: Freezing
Author: skeletn 
Pairing: Adommy
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 786
Warnings: Rejection
Summary: Adam gave him the ring, offered him his heart, and had both handed back to him.
Author's note: Ah. Rejection. Simple as that. I'm obviously unable to write happy things. </3 Sorry, loves.


His eyes were watering and Tommy was emotionless;Collapse )


10th-Dec-2010 06:01 pm - Original Oneshot
Hayley Williams
Random oneshot I came up with. Original. Enjoy~~~
(He wasn't what the world wanted)Collapse )
7th-Dec-2010 05:51 pm - Three Flowers, One Ring - Adommy

Title: Three Flowers, One ring
Author: skeletn 
Pairing: Adommy
Rating: R-ish
Word count: 967
Warnings: Character death, subtle suicide thoughts
Summary: Adam's been gone for one month, one day, six hours, and four minutes. Obviously, he's missed.
Author's note: Product of boredom and inspiration. xD I'm quite proud of this, really, and maybe cried a little, while writing it. >.>

Read more...Collapse )
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